Saturday, April 23, 2011


Playing catch-up

Weather. Yes we have had unusual weather this year and every time I start to gripe about ours I realize that other parts of the country have had much worse. We don't have tornado's (well, occasional small ones have been reported but they don't do any damage) but I am more than ready for Spring to finally arrive. Today looks like it has with sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the mid-60s in most areas, but clouds are due back overnight with rain (again) tomorrow. We drove out through some of the tulip field areas yesterday (Mt. Vernon's annual Tulip Festival runs all the month of April) and some other farming areas today and there is still a lot of standing water in fields and pastures. Tulips are finally up although in most years they burst out in early April. Some fields have been plowed but it is still too wet for them to do much in the way of planting. Pat has been hardening plants in the garage, some that should have been planted outside a month ago. Oh well, May is just around the corner and maybe Spring will finally arrive with it. The picture above is from one of the commercial tulip growing farms here, where the bulbs are actually the main product.

Gas prices have gotten worse since my post on March 17th about being happy that I bought a Prius. We are seeing regular gas locally at prices over $4 a gallon at some stations but can also find it in the $3.85 range and we do get an extra 10 cents a gallon off at Safeway and Fred Meyer because of our purchases at those stores last month. Where will it stop? Pat's VW New Beetle uses diesel fuel and it is running $4.15 now at those two outlets.

Thursday of next week, the 28th, will be our Fourth Wedding Anniversary and we do have plans. More about that later. This year also marks my 50th anniversary of graduating from Lewis & Clark High School in Spokane, WA. There will be a reunion in Spokane during the summer and we are going. I don't think I have ever stayed in a 5-star hotel but with a pretty good discount for LC-61 class members I think we will stay in the Davenport Hotel which is the headquarters for the reunion. There were about 520 in my class who graduated that June day in 1961. I still am in contact with a few of them and look forward to seeing more later this summer.

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Wow!! Our weather is nuts! From snow, two posts down, to beautiful blue skies and tulips!!
Those images of tilups are so beautiful! I agree with you on the cost of ever increasing gas, it's around $4 a gallon where I live! I bet it is nice having a Prius, one of the best rated cars for gas consumption! plus they are also eco-friendly :) hope you enjoy your wedding anniversary and high school are truly a busy man! Regards - Max
Lovely shot of the tulips Dick, they are so colourful! Yes the spring weather was late coming here too, but now we've at least had lots of sunshine. We could use some rain though, to clean things up. Hopefully soon!
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