Sunday, May 08, 2011


Happy Mother's Day!

I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's in Blogland. We have had a good day so far and are about ready for me to take Pat to dinner. We have a reservation for 17:00 at Taco Bell. Well, maybe it is somewhere else but I've been telling her it is T.B. all day. I suppose I could have just said Costco where two can eat for about $3 plus tax. But Mother's Day only comes once a year so I guess it is okay to spend more than that on two meals.

We are still waiting for Spring. Pat bought two tomato plants today and if the weather forecast holds for tomorrow, they will get planted. Everything up here is running late this year and I really wonder how well crops like apples will do, with this late start. I guess they'll be okay if we have a hotter than usual summer but so far that sure isn't looking like what is going to happen. Ugh.

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How was taco Bell. :)
The car made a wrong turn going there and we ended up at a place called Max Dale's Steak & Chops which you would swear was a Stewart Anderson's Black Angus from the way it looks. So dinner was good but not in the same price range as it would have been at Taco Bell.
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