Sunday, June 19, 2011


Another car show

This weekend is the annual Berry Dairy Days festival in Burlington, WA, another small town near us. They also have a car show as a part of it and we went over there for a Father's Day lunch and to see the cars. Many were also at the show in Sedro Woolley two weeks ago but I do have some photos of three of them from today. We've had nice weather until Friday night but today is better than yesterday so quite a few cars did come out to play. This weekend is also the annual Dirt Cup at our local Skagit Speedway which draws participants from all over the western part of the US.

Here are photos of those three cars:

2011 Berry Dairy Days #1
This is a 1950 Crosley, with the owners in the background. I think these cars were sold back then through Popular Mechanics magazine as a kit car that the owner assembled himself. They are a very simple, basic car but I expect are worth many more times what they cost in 1950 today. This is a nicely done car.

2011 Berry Dairy Days #2
Here is the engine compartment for the Crosley. There is a simple hood that is sitting on the rear part of the car so the engine is visible. Notice how nice and clean it is.

2011 Berry Dairy Days #3
This is a 1939 Chevy Coupe. My last post had a 1938 Chevy Coupe and that car was also here, but they were not sitting side-by-side. This car is owned by friends of Pat.

2011 Berry Dairy Days #4
I like hot rods. This is a nice 1927 Ford Model T Coupe hot rod that is fairly simply done. So many of them have all kinds of exotic things added to the engine, lots of chrome- basically they involve spending a lot of money. This one looks to me to be one the owner is paying for as he goes. It is also something that I'd not be afraid to take out and drive. Some of them you've spend so much money on that they probably just live in their garage.

2011 Berry Dairy Days #5
Here is the interior of this car and as you can see, it is very basic at this point. I am sure that more upholstery will be added but I hope he stays with the idea that cleaner and simpler is best.

2011 Berry Dairy Days #6
This is a three-quarter rear view of the Model T Coupe. Clean and simple.

These two festivals, this weekend and the one two weeks ago, are the closest ones to the town I live in other than those that happen right here. These both have pretty good car shows that I enjoy going to but the weather for the last one was certainly better. Of course the forecast calls for nice weather for the next few days, starting tomorrow. Murphy's Law works.

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I have always enjoyed antique cars, especially anything from the 50's back. Nice photos Dick!
But no Strawberries????
I'm on a diet!
Surprise! Told you I'd be around to visit. ;o)

I love these old cars, and actually enjoyed working on them with my Dad when I was growing up. The older cars with carburetors and voltage regulators, distributor caps, points and condensors I could work on, but once they went to fuel injection and automatic spark advance they lost me.

Glad to see that you and Pat still have your health and are still getting out and about.

Happy belated 4th anniversary! Hard to believe we've known each other in blogland even longer than that.

Take care, *hugs*

Thank's Dick for the the nice comments on my Ford coupe.I built this car like they would have back in the day. Wanted more of a traditional hot rod than a "rat rod". I built this car about 6 years ago.If you want to see the shop it was built in, along with it's other siblings check out my other cars' Facebook page(Missybhavin). This also tells about other shows, etc. Thanks, Rick Weaver
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