Monday, April 30, 2012


Our 5 year anniversary

Saturday April 28th was Pat and my fifth wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem possible that we have been married now over five years! The day after our wedding we went to Leavenworth, WA for a couple of nights and every year since then we have gone to Leavenworth for a couple of nights at about that time. This year it was last Wednesday, the 25th that we drove across Stevens Pass on US-2 to spend that night and the next at Linderhof Inn. We left home in rain but came into sunshine as we started up into the mountains. We stopped for lunch in the old railroad town of Skykomish and still arrived in Leavenworth before 13:00. Our room was ready so we unloaded the car and went on into the village. Weather there was upper 60s and sunny but the forecast was for rain later that night. We visited quite a few shops and did some gift shopping as well as picking up some wine to bring home. There are a lot more wine shops there now than there were last year and I didn't see any vacancies so it looks like business is pretty good, or at least the hopes are there for a good tourist season this year. It did rain overnight and early in the morning on Thursday but had cleared up before noon, although it didn't get as warm as it had been the day before. We had lunch at one of our favorite places there, Cafe Christa. I am trying to lose some weight and Pat really doesn't care for sweets so we did pass on their great but very high calorie Bavarian thing we (me, anyway) like so well and I just had coffee rather than a German ale. See, I am trying to be good! Dinner was at Gustavs, another favorite place and I did have an ale but didn't drink all of it. On Friday we went to Sandy's Waffle Haus for breakfast, then checked out of the hotel and drove east to the Applet & Cotlet store in Cashmere where we bought some more gifts before heading for home. On the west side of Stevens Pass we got into ice rain but it wasn't sticking to the road and only lasted a couple of miles until we got to lower elevation where it was just rain. We got to Smokey Point near Arlington, almost home, and stopped for lunch at the Hot Iron Mongolian Grill, then was home before 14:00. The next day we filled the gas tank. Pat's Kia Optima went over the 2000 mile mark on the trip and averaged 27 1/3 miles per gallon, so it is doing much better on road trips than it does around town, although the mileage does seem to be getting better as it gets a little more broken in. Right now it only has about 2234 miles so is still pretty new. It was a short trip and I do have some photos but haven't done anything with them yet so will have to post them to another post a little later. In another month or so we will spend a few days down on the Washington coast at Ocean Shores so have another little trip coming up before long. And it does look like summer weather is getting closer. I hope. Maybe I'll try to post a photo that is straight from the camera using Blogger's photo posting thing:
This as you can see is Gustav's where we ate dinner on Thursday evening. This is an unedited photo taken with my Nikon1 V1 camera and it's standard lens.

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Congratulations on the anniversary. It doesn't seem to me like five years ago either. Where does time go? Sounds like you had a great way to celebrate it.
Happy Anniversary! It doesn't seem like 5 years already!
Wow, It feels like just yesterday! Happy anniversary!

How does she like the Kia now? My Mazda MPV has 150,000 and I just replaced the Transmission, and had the valve cover replaced. I am looking for a new car, but after all the repairs I might as well keep this one!
I've been looking for used rvs in Denver, CO just so I can travel around like this.
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