Sunday, August 05, 2012

My, it has been a while since I last posted anything here. It isn't like we haven't been doing anything but I just seem to have gotten out of the habit of doing it. We went to Ocean Shores, WA at the end of May and first of June. We returned to Leavenworth last month for a few days. Pat has complained that we always seem to be there when the weather is fairly cold. It wasn't cold July 9 - 11th with daily high temps of about 102. Yesterday we did something a bit different. Pat's son-in-law is a pilot and loves to fly. He & his wife were going out in the Cesna on a site seeing trip and we suggested they fly to the airport in Concrete, WA where we would meet them with our car and we could go to lunch. That happened although the place we went to lunch had a special fund raiser going on for the local volunteer fire department so the meal wasn't what we were looking forward to. Although the hamburgers were okay. Anyway, we got there a little ahead of J & P arriving in the plane, so I took photos as they came in over the airport then turned to land and if I can figure out how to get them into Blogger I will put them up here. Flying to Concrete 1 Here they are crossing over the runway so Jim could check the wind sock. He had a pretty good idea what the wind was like (it was lite) but it can be different on the ground and Concrete is located in a canyon formed by the Skagit River so there can be surprises. Flying to Concrete 2 He has circled around and lined up with the runway. You can see the hills in the background behind the plane. Flying to Concrete 3 Getting lower. There is a lot of grass in the foreground but the runway is paved. Flying to Concrete 4 Almost on the ground. It is coming in nice and level. Flying to Concrete 5 On the ground and taxiing along the runway toward the tie down area. Flying to Concrete 6 You can see where he is going to turn to come toward me. I was right beside the tie down area. Flying to Concrete 7 On the taxi way. Flying to Concrete 8 Here he is turning the plane to park above the tie downs. Flying to Concrete 9 Engine off, getting ready to climb out. It didn't take long to tie down both wings and then we were off for Birdsview Brewery for lunch. No, Jim only drank root beer but Pat & I each had one of their fine ales. When J & P left they were going to continue out into the San Juan Islands to land at Rosario, just to look around and maybe get something else to eat. I sure wish I could get Pat to go flying. There are four seats in that plane!

Great pics! So go up with J&P and take some aerial is so much fun and very rewarding getting photos from the air!
I have flown lots in my life but only once in something that small.... and I was very airsick!

I like Mike's idea, get some aerial shots if you can go up with your son in law!
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Hi Dick! Aren't you blogging anymore?
Have a blast flying!
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