Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Boomerville & some photos

After my first full day in Boomerville I am finally getting a chance to upload some photos. Tomorrow I plan to go into town & visit some of the booths. Quartzsite, Arizona is an unusual town. This link will take you to a National Geographic site about Q and some of the things that go on here during the year. Check it out for more info about this place.

This morning I went on a walk with three others. It was good as I really need to get more exercise. I spotted some places in the desert where I'd like to go to take photos. When back home I got up on the roof to clean & tilt the solar panels. I couldn't believe how dirty they were! Between cleaning & tilting my amperage from them went from below five to about fifteen. I got the desktop PC setup on the table & moved some photos into Photoshop's album, then reduced five of them & moved them to Flickr. I do not have the broadband connection, only the NationalAccess connection that is a little faster than dialup but no comparison to broadband speeds. So, it took a loooong time to transfer them but the system didn't time out on me.

Here is the first one. There are two nice stained glass windows at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Bullhead City and this is one of them:
Stained glass, Church of the Holy Spirit

These are two of the photos of cactus' in the cactus garden at Riverside Adventure Trails RV Park in Ft. Mohave, AZ. I do not know the name of either of these:
Cactus garden #1

Cactus garden #2

Here are a couple of photos taken here in Quartzsite at Boomerville. The first one shows some of the rigs here at Boomerville, with the group gathering area & fire ring in the background. You can also see the town of Q in the background, three miles away over the top of the foliage behind the fire ring.
Boomerville #1

The second photo was taken from the fire ring area looking the opposite direction from the first one. When Annie & I were here last year we parked near the fire ring, about where the yellow truck is parked in this photo. This year I am further up in about the center of the photo. Here is that second photo:
Boomerville #2

The desert last year was green, with flowers all over the place. This year it has been dry for nearly 100 days and all is brown and dry. Some of my other pictures will show this.

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Great cactus photos Dick.
Loved the cacti shots. It sure is nice to see these photos, really add depth to your posts. I can visualize where you are so clearly. How about getting a stranger to take a photo of you once in a while so we can see you there too!
I like the cactus shots. Very nice.

That stained glass window was really beautiful. Must be nice with the sun shining in it.

Keep smilin' Dick. Be safe.

I agree w/oopseedaisie, you need some photos of yourself there, too! Beautiful locales and the cacti were beautiful, too. I long for the clear blue skies, warmth and dryness of summer again when viewing the photo's... Love ya,

Hi Dick, Great pictures, I love stained glass windows, so colorful and bright.That cactus looks like a sea anemanne, kind of funky. Have a good weekend,
Beautiful stained glass window. Hubby and I are going to go look at some more RV's this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that we actually find one we like.
There are a couple photos of the same cactus taken about a year apart, & this one is a sguarro. I have a book on cactus' but forgot to bring it!

I do have a photo of me taken at The Bakery yesterday, in the last post. I'll try to get more during the trip.

Those stained glass windows face north so probably never have actual sunshine on them but the light outside is usually brighter than inside so they look good.

Melanie, let me know what you find. You could always fly out here to Arizona where there are a lot of them available, then have a great trip home!
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