Thursday, January 05, 2006


I'm on the road again!

I didn't get away as early yesterday as I hoped to but didn't find the traffic too bad and was checked in & hooked up in the Auburn Eagles RV park by 16:35. The weather yesterday was good, dry all day and actually some sunshine at times. So far the only things I have found that I forgot to bring was the frozen food from the home freezer. A trip last night to Safeway solved that one. I haven't tried to put up the satellite dish for TV but can get acceptible reception of the network stations from the regular antennae here. The cell phone card is working fine with a good strong signal so I've spent some time on the Internet.

It really seemed odd to sleep alone in the rig last night, my first night without Annie there. Huggy also seemed confused and didn't spend most of the night on the bed like she used to do, but part of that might have related to her prefering to lie on the carpet in front of the electric heater!

We got up about 8 this morning to rain, quite a bit of it. W came by about 10:30. He was the original owner of the handicapped electric cart we bought for Annie from D & J in 2002 and when he learned I wanted to sell it he wanted to buy it back. We loaded it in his car, he paid me and headed off with it. I don't have enough room for it, nor do I need it so it is good that it is back to him.

Then I was off to the bank to deposit money and meet friends from Annie's Beta Sigma Phi chapter for lunch. That was a nice couple of hours, then back home to spend some time with Huggy before leaving at 15:00 to see J who used to live across the street from us while we were in Auburn. She has recently moved into Parkside, an assisted living place where Annie's Mom spent the last 14 months of her life. I picked up grandkids, J & K, at 16:30 and we drove to Denny's for a nice dinner.

Now I am home to try to update this blog with the first couple of days of my trip. I plan to be on the road about 9 tomorrow after getting gasoline & propane, to drive to Eugene, OR.

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