Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The RV is nearly ready to go

I have quite a few of the things I am taking along already carried out to the RV, but I am sore. I guess that is more physical work than I am used to, carrying things out there and putting them away. A lot of what is left are things like cameras and computers that I don't want to leave in it overnight with the heat down low, and fresh food for the fridge which is cooling now. Although is is probably only in the low 40s outside so it really doesn't have to cool very much. I kind of wonder if I really need the desktop computer as well as the laptop but it is probably better to have more than I need than wish I had brought it. One advantage of a motorhome is there is quite a bit of space available to load my "stuff" into.

Huggy gets nervous when I start carrying so many things out of the house. I am not sure if she thinks we are going away in the RV or just worries that she may be left home alone. She is a good traveler and seems to like it when we get going and I know she also likes warm dry weather better than cold and rain, even though she only goes outside on a leash. We do it more when the weather is good as both of us are more comfortable.

Well, it is off to bed so I can get up tomorrow and finish the packing job. I hope to be away by about noon so I can get through Seattle in the early afternoon, before traffic gets too bad.

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Best of luck to you in your travels Dick.....and Huggy
Thank you. This trip doesn't have the good feelings my others in the past have had when starting out. I'll see how it goes once I get on the road, hopefully by noon.
Better to take more than less my friend. You will be more than prepared. Poor Huggy, thinking he might get left behind, if only he knew you wouldn't do that. Wait till the trip starts, it will a be great one. Keep us posted. Cheers,
WELL????? Hows things, how many miles have you put on the ole wagon now? Keep us posted, were thinking of you. Many smiles,
D, where are you at?!? How far have you made it? Let us know when you feel warm weather and see palm trees so the rest of us can be jealous... M
I finally got another posting that covered yesterday & today. I only drove to Auburn, about 90 miles, in order to get a grandkid fix before heading south. Tomorrow I am off to Eugene, OR then on Sat should cross into CA, hopefully down to Red Bluff. You do find a few palm trees in the Redding area and from there south, although not many that far north.
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