Friday, January 27, 2006


Two days worth of activities

Yesterday a few of us went into town for lunch at Mark's Family Restaurant, a place we enjoyed last year where they have good food, nice size portions and all at a fair price. After lunch, J & I went to The Big Tent to see the displays & booths there. I didn't buy anything but J bought a few things he needed. We were surprised to discover that time had gotten to 17:00 and the place was closing.

The traffic around there is bad when everyone leaves at once, so I went the oposite direction from where we wanted to go as most traffic wanted to go where we also did. We decided to stop for dinner & let traffic settle down, so we found the Texas Barbeque which turned out to be a good choice. Then back to our RVs for the rest of the evening.

This morning the men in Boomerville went to The Bakery for breakfast. I had a Texas cinnemon roll to go with my cup of coffee. This bakery is small but makes a good variety of excellent baked goods. Here is a photo of the ultralite aircraft that flew over us as we started out for The Bakery.
Ultralite over Boomerville

Here is a photo of four of us eating. The fifth one at our table was taking the photo with my small camera while his Nikon D50 rested on the table. (Edit: Names, left to right, are Barry, John, me & Brooks with Padraic taking the photo.)
4 Boomers at The Bakery

After breakfast we returned to Boomerville for the rest of the day. I puttered around with the computers & talked with people until time for Happy Hour. I took some photos there and afterwards, including this one which is similar to one taken last year in about the same location. The difference between the one this year
A Boomerville landscape

and the one taken last year (same cactus)
Roughing it at Quartzsite, AZ
You can see how much greener the desert was last year when there was quite a bit of rain down here.

The Quartzsite area is well known for it's rocks & gems. I found this one on the ground as I walked back to my RV after Happy Hour. I don't know what it is - perhaps some of you may know and can let the rest of us know by entering a comment.
Quartzsite rocks

I don't know what I will do tomorrow. It is a Saturday & I will have free phone calls all weekend so I will probably take advantage of the strong phone signal here & use it.

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Dick, I must have figured if there were more than 4 vehicles at a traffic light, then it must be rush hour over there! I didn't realize how many RV's come here
every year. Boomerville is to Arizona as Harley's are to Sturgis, S.D.
Boomerville is just a small part of it, our little corner of the desert, where we members of the Escapee RV Club Boomer group meet. There are about 130 rigs here but thousands are in the general area on BLM land in the desert, drycamping. There are also something like 34 RV parks in the town of Quartzsite. I have heard that as many as a quarter of a million RVs pass through the area each winter with somewhere between half a million & a full million people. It is a real big event!
Dick I figured out what I did. I clicked on Email instead of Comment. I not sure what the rock is. looking at the top of the rock, it looks like granit. But looking at the right end it doesn't( could be iron deposits on the end). It doesn't look like petrified wood but I would have to see it up close to be sure.
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