Friday, February 03, 2006


Boomers, pizza, bonfires, good friends....

Wednesday night a small group of seven of us went to Silly Al's Pizza for dinner. We found at least three times as many other Boomers had done the same so there were many of us there. Here is a photo of our group of seven:
Pizza night out

Yesterday I have already covered the morning propane run Huggy & I made, so we were warm last night. Our little group has gathered together in a part of Boomerville and last night we had a barbeque of steaks, salad, wine, bonfire, etc. Here is a photo of the three ladies in the group, with another beautiful desert sunset over the mountains to the west behind them:
Quartzsite sunset with friends

We sat around the fire talking until about 21:00 and here is a photo of that:
The bonfire after BBQed steaks

Today we hope to find out what is the problem with Jerry & Erica's batteries. There was talk about a run to Dairy Queen for lunch and perhaps fish & chips for dinner. I will see what develops but for now I want to get this posted and go join the others.

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Looks like a fun crowd. love the belt buckle on the lady in the middle.

Hahaha, me and my western stuff. I've got three different buckles similar to that. Plus three different sets of cowboy boots and hats, though I only wear one of the hats.

Glad you got the propane to keep warm.

Keep smilin
What a beautiful sunset. Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves.
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