Sunday, February 05, 2006


Boomerville 2005 from the air

Friday while I was shopping at Rice Ranch in Quartzsite I purchased a DVD with images of the Quartzsite area taken last year, when there had been rain here and the desert was green. It is titled, "Quartzsite 2005 - The year of the green desert." There are about 160 images on the disk and I am posting one here of the Boomer area we call Boomerville. The photos were taken by Bob Lankford of DL Digital Photography, Quartzsite, AZ. If you wish to purchase copies, call Bob at 208-484-7960 or via email at

This view is looking east and shows the campfire circle, with people, and the layout of how the RVs are parked. Annie & I were just above the campfire area on the left side, but this photo was taken Jan 17th and we didn't arrive until the 22nd. The entrance is in the upper part of the photo, after a 2 mile drive from the blacktopped frontage road that runs along I-10 east of Q. The difference this year because of the lack of rain is striking - everything is brown with very little green. The creosote bushes have green but that is about all.

New DVD 018 edited
Photo by: Bob Lankford; BL Digital Photography, Quartzsite AZ copyrite 2005 Used with permission.

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Dick, are there photos with thousands of RV's in one area similar to Sturgis, S.D. with Harleys all over?
Do most Boomers stay until the end of winter?
Wow Dick, does that shot ever look neat, the arial shot is a gret idea. can you take note of my new url, it is cheers, carol good bye joesangel hello brite new life
What an amazing shot. It looks like an amazing place to be RVing. Glad you arrived safely.

Sorry the Seahawks didn't win, I was cheering for them too.

Keep smilin'
What an interesting place. Right out in the middle of nowhere. Ill bet the night skies there are breathtaking!
Chin chucks to Huggy! What does he think of this place?
What a great shot! I so want to be there. Sorry about the loss. Maybe next year.
Very cool picture!
There are photos that show RVs all over the place. This disk I bought has some but you can also click on the links I posted in my earlier posts to find some.

This part of the BLM lands offers free parking but it is only supposed to be for two weeks. Then you are supposed to move at least 25 miles to a different location. You can buy a monthly or seasonal pass which does allow longer stays but most who do that stay in one of the LTV areas where there is water & garbage service.
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