Saturday, February 18, 2006


A car show and a parade

Yesterday the Nostalgia Car Club from the Yuma Foothills held their annual car show at the Fry grocery store parking. My cousin, J, is active in the group & he recruited me to help setup. Cars started showing up about 15:00 and there ended up being a lot more than at last years show when rain was a possibility.

J's car is kind of unique. It started as a 1958 Fiat 600, a small car with four seats and a 22 hp engine in the rear trunk area. It now has a 4-clyinder 140 hp Audi engine & 5-speed transmission, with the engine mounted behind the front seats where the back seat used to be. It is quite a different car now with a lot more performance. Here is an external view of the car:
Car show 1
and a view showing the engine hatch open behind the seats:Car show 2

When I got out of high school I installed an Oldsmobile V8 engine in my 1938 Chevrolet sedan. This 1938 Chevy pickup brought back a lot of memories of my college era car that I built myself, with help from friends:
Car show 3

This next car is a kit car but a very well done one. It is a replica of a Shelby AC Cobra. This one is powered by a 428 cu in V8:
Car show 4

After college when I started my first job, I bought a Triumph TR4 sports car. Mine was a white 1963 model with disk rather than wire wheels. This one is almost identical, except it is a 1962 model. I have an exterior view of this in the parade that was held on Saturday but this is a view of the interior:
Car show 5

This post is getting kind of long so I'll hold off on the parade photos and a couple of others I took around my lot here, but I do have a couple of others I want to add today. Here is a closeup of one of the oranges on the tree next to my RV. I have a 90mm micro lens for my digital Nikon SLR camera and these two photos were taken with it. Here is a fairly close view of the orange:
Orange closeup

Here is another photo of my traveling companion, Huggy. She was sitting on the bottom step of the RV looking out into the sunshine so the pupils of her eyes are really closed down to a small size:
Huggy 2

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Hi Dick -

Those cars are really nifty, especially your friend's vehicle!

I sent the picture of Huggy to our friend who adores cats. His is 18 years old now, and sleeps all the time, but she is a fulltimer cat now! ;->
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I removed a duplicate of Judie'a post.
What neat cars. I esp. love the Triumph. What a great car! And of course Huggy looks adorable, as always.
I just love the old cars. In the summer we have a weekly car show at the local A&W. My son has a 1976 Saab, my other son has a 1974 Porsche and my hubby is a real car buff as well.
I have a cousin in Buckeye, that anywhere near where you are?
Take care and enjoy your Sunday.
Dad, again I love the sights of where you're at! Please, send me a box of oranges from AZ!! I'll pay ya back for the cost of shipping. The oranges look beautiful and the photo is very unique.
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