Thursday, February 02, 2006


A hot day and propane

It is just after noon as I start writing this and the outside thermometer is already up to 80. There is a slight breeze so it actually feels pretty good.

Huggy and I made a run into town this morning with the motorhome to fill our propane tank. It took 11.7 gallons at a cost of $22.80. I think it is a 18 or 20 gal tank but you can only fill it to 80% so we still had some but now won't have to worry about it. When boondocking the fridge is always running on propane & I didn't want it to quit on me due to running out of propane.

Before we left Boomerville I left my desktop PC & the new hard drive with J. He had it installed when I got back & it was formatting. It is a 330gb unit so that takes awhile to do. With it and the original drive I will have 570gb of hard drive storage in the machine, plus an external 120gb drive for backups, etc.

I relocated the rig to a different spot when we got back as we were kind of up there alone. As people have left those of us still here have moved in closer, kind of circling the wagons. It should be fun. I also have a photo that was taken last night at Silly Al's Pizza of our table group. When I get the desktop PC back I will transfer it there from the little camera, reduce it and send it off to Flickr so I can put it into a new post here later.

Now to go meet the new folks who just pulled in.

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80 degrees! It was like 25 degrees when I drove to work this morning. My perfect climate would be about 72 all year long. Know of any place like that?
Hi Dick, was thinking of you and Huggy, looks as if all is well, im glad.Have a great Friday, and weekend.
We could use some of that good weather since the forecast for our neck of the woods this weekend is for windstorms that could knock out power during the superbowl.
We're keeping our fingers crossed.
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