Saturday, February 11, 2006


Some views of my digs here in Yuma

Yesterday was a quiet day that I spent around the RV, reading & relaxing. I did get in a bike ride & went to dinner at Dairy Queen where I learned we seniors get a 10% discount and Blizzards are their special desert for Mondays. I will need to check that out on Monday. Last night I watched the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on TV.

Today my cousin, J, & I went to The Grocery Store internet cafe for a mocha. But I took some of these photos first as I wanted to get them while the sun was low and from that side of the rig. After our mochas I took Huggy outside and talked with my neighbors for awhile, then took a few more photos & read while soaking up some sun (Cheryl Crowe is singing about soaking up the sun right now on the radio, too!) After that it was time to spend on the desktop PC with Photoshop to get the new pics in the album, decide which ones I wanted on the blog, then reduce their size & move those files to a thumb drive to take to the laptop, upload to Flickr & write this blog post with them included.

The first photo shows my half of the lot with my RV, the Saturn toad (towed car, get it?), bike, etc. The brick walls are built of Mexican brick, which can not be used in my home area of the northwest because it has too much rain. These bricks would just sort of melt up there but work well here and are fairly cheap as well as being colorful.
RV parked in Yuma

This second photo shows the front of the RV. Notice Huggy's basket on the passenger side of the dashboard. The round antennae is the satellite TV one, the funny looking one on the driver side is for broadcast TV. The new Wilson Trucker antennae is not visible in this view. It is just above and behind the entry door, near the side of the coach.
RV parked in Yuma #2

The lot next door on the west side has a mobile home but due to the death of the owner, it is vacant. It has three citrus trees with ripe fruit that is starting to fall off the trees. This first one is something like a satsuma, a kind of small orange that is very good. The next one is a grapefruit tree and the third one is more of a standard orange tree. If you look carefully you will see a grapefruit on the ground on my side of the brick wall.
Yuma orange tree

I took a photo looking east across my lot & the one next door and kind of down the street. The lens used was a mild telephoto (like a 105mm on a 35mm film camera) so distances are compressed a bit as a telephoto lens does optically. Everything looks a little closer than it really is. Notice all the antennaes on the mountain tops in the background. I think that is why I get good cell phone & TV reception here.
Yuma neighborhood

This is a fun photo. No, it isn't the sun, but that grapefruit that was on the ground in the citrus tree photo, set on the trunk of my blue toad.
The sun

I took a break between the Photoshop work and uploading to Flickr to go to Da Boyz restaurant for a pizza for dinner. I got a large one so have half of it left for lunch tomorrow. The full moon is sure beautiful tonight. I used my new binoculars to look at it and they do bring out quite a lot more detail. Tomorrow is Sunday and I think I will go to church.

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Dick, I've really enjoyed your blog
& updates on your adventures.
R.Moore (D42P) & I have been looking for a small/medium RV similar to what I had a few years ago so we could get into the "snowbird business" when the time comes. Either one of us will probably use it for shorter trips than most snowbirders but we'll enjoy it.
Nice RV. I like Huggy's basket in the front. Ah, the leisurely life of the cat....
Catfish, one thing to consider on RV size is do you want to pull a toad? If so, make sure the one you pick is large enough to do so. A toad is real handy. You don't spend all your time in the campground & without a toad you have to unhook & drive it wherever you wish to go. RVs don't always fit well in parking lots, either.

Melanie, you are right about cats. I am happy that I have her along. She is good company and rarely complains about anything, except getting her special foods late!
When Dick & Barbara T. headed south it quit raining here and has been very nice for few days. Manager is saying they intend to redo that French drain in back of us this summer. Am enjoying your blog but I cringe every time you mention eating pizza. Are you able to rcv emails now?
Dad, I really like the photo of the grapefruit on the hood of your toad! A very pretty color for the fruit and I do hope that you FedEx us some home! And I agree with Neighbor Jo, eat something healthy!!
That shot of the grapefruit is excellent. You captured its shadow and reflestion. Think about entering that one in a contest!
Thanks for all the pictures. They really give me a feel for where you are. I have never seen a citrus tree so big. didnt know that got to such a size.
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