Sunday, February 05, 2006


Superbowl today, with the Seahawks?

Today is the big game day and, for the first time the Seattle Seahawks will be there. We are having a Superbowl party at one of the 5th wheel rigs this afternoon. I learned yesterday at Happy Hour that there are a lot of people here from Ohio so I think my rooting will be in the minority. I should have ordered a cake decorated with some Seahawk logos to take!

I am a couple of days behind here. Our shopping trip Friday to the Tyson Wells display area was productive for me. I found a red British double decker bus that is selling food, and they make MOCHAS! You can get them either hot or cold and they are good, for $3.50, tax included. L had bought a Bushnell binocular set at a booth there the day before & I found them easy to use. A good pair of binoculars is something I have been thinking of buying, so I did. They were $150 plus tax and I later found them a little cheaper on the Internet, but I have these now. I can't pass up an opportunity to buy a good flashlight & another booth had lots of them, so I bought a couple more 9-LED units. Sons, guess what you may get for your birthdays!

We did go to Dairy Queen for lunch, then back to Paul's bookstore so our gals could see him & buy bookmarks for friends and family. What a gift those will be! After a couple more stops (Darlene's Bakery, this time for a coconut cream pie for that night) we got home just in time for the Happy Hour at 16:00. Right after that we headed out for the Grubsteak where they have a feast of all you can eat fish & chips on Friday night. It was good and there was plenty to eat. When back we went to the big bonfire to visit awhile, then to J's motorhome for the pie followed by a visit to J & K's Bluebird to see the inside of it. J is a private jet pilot and the driver's compartment of the Bluebird looks a lot like a cockpit of an aircraft, with all it's dials & controls.

On Sat J & K, along with L, left for home in Santa Barbara about 07:20. J and then B & K were away for Parker by noon. I puttered around the RV until mid-afternoon when I went back to Tyson Wells for another mocha from The Big Red Bus and some shopping at the Roadrunner Market, then home for Happy Hour at 16:00. For anyone heading this way the selling at Tyson Wells continues to the 12th. I spent the rest of the evening at the rig and I finally did get much of my vacuuming done. I think I could have built another cat with all the fur Huggy has shed!

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