Friday, July 07, 2006


I arrived at Life on Wheels

I arrived at the University of Idaho in Moscow yesterday about 13:20, after stopping in Pullman, WA for gas for the rig. The price there was $3.039 per gallon. We won't have electric power available to hook up to until Saturday morning and the generator in the rig won't run if the tank level is below one quarter full. Since my gas gauge doesn't work any more I wanted to make sure I had at least that much. I didn't fill it as it would probably just run out when it heats up over the weekend, and the pump shut off at $75, too.

I guess it rained here, a short but fairly hard shower, not long before I arrived and the chalk marks on the paved parking lot surface were washed off. So, one of my first duties was to help re-mark the parking spaces. Once that was done there was not too much else to do except park the few early rigs who arrived yesterday. Most will come today and tomorrow. We ourselves are just parked on the car parking area as no one can get into the "A" lot until sometime later today. The A lot is grass and more comfortable to be on, especailly if it gets hot. The forecast is for low 90s tomorrow & high 90s on Sunday, with possible rain showers again on Monday.

Right now it is nearly 07:00, I have finished breakfast, just started the generator to brew coffee and am writing this post. The sun is shining, the temp inside the rig when I got up was 53 so I burned a little propane to run the furnace to take the edge off. It will be plenty warm later in the day. Huggy is again getting used to being in the RV. She seems to enjoy all the windows and where we are parked now we have a pasture in front of us & she can see for miles out over a valley. Once we get into our A lot space I will put out her cat run rope and she can spend some time out in the grass, with the awning up to help keep the rig cooler by shading it, & her cat run area. My coffee is ready, so I'll end & post this, then relax & drink coffee while I can. We start work at 8.

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I hope huggy and yourself have a lovely weekend.
Sure wish I were there....maybe next year. Enjoy yourself and don't overwork!
Enjoy your weekend.

Off to get another cuppa the brew myself.
Dad, take photo's! I would love to see some pics of the surrounding scenery. Glad that you mentioned Huggy, too, and that she's enjoying the views. Our neighbors just got back from Silverwood & saw thunder and lightening storms there!
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