Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Photos from Life on Wheels (LoW)

I was busy the first four days I was here parking RVs in their space on the campus of the University of Idaho for the week long Life on Wheels Conference. I finally have some photos from LoW.

This first one shows the "A" lot before the RVs arrived. The two large tents are up and there actually is one RV in place, the one that hauls all the books, shirts, etc. that are sold around from one conference to the next:
LoW 01

This photo shows the same area from a higher viewpoint up by the Kibbey Dome after the RVs were parked. My friend, D S and I were the ones who parked the rigs here. Our own are also in this lot and were parked first. The photo shows some of the spectacular scenery around Moscow:
LoW 02

This is lot "B", the upper part of which is paved while the lower part is gravel. You can see some RVs in the background as we were able to park them in place when they arrived after Thursday morning on lot "B":
Low 03

This is a photo from about the same location showing lot "B". You can't see too much as the viewpoint isn't high enough to see over them. There are only three spaces left in this lot:
LoW 04

Here is my RV parked in it's space. I have the covers over the windshield that is facing south. These help a lot to keep the heat out as the sun heats them but they are outside the glass. You can see out from inside but not in from outside, except at night when it is darker outside than inside with lights on. The flags are the US, Washington State and US Navy. I was in the Army but son B is in the Navy:
LoW 05

The star of this blog is Huggy, my cat. She likes to explore outside and does so on a rope that her leash is put on. In this photo she is under the back end of the RV checking out the quality of the grass, that she likes to eat. The black thing in front of her is the heavy rubber brush thingey that helps to keep rocks and other road debris from flying up & hitting the Saturn car we tow:
LoW 06

Huggy is standing on the bottom step at the entrance to the RV. You can see a bit of why she is a Russian Blue cat. When the light is just right she almost does look like she has blue fur:
LoW 07

There are activities planned at night here, too. Last night we went to a slide show & talk about RVing in Baja, Mexico. Tonight there was a no-host get together (that means you have to buy your own drinks) at the University Inn. Each year this event seems to get better attendance. This photo is kind of an over view of some of the tables of people who were there on the terrace at the hotel:
LoW 08

This table is the one where I was seated and I am in the picture as J S took the photo with my camera. The guy to my right is D S who I worked with for years at Metro Transit in Seattle. The lady to my left is staying in the hotel as she hasn't bought an RV yet but is here to learn about them. This is a wise move to make before spending quite a few thousand dollars on something you might decide was the wrong type or size for you after you have bought it. Two of the ladies represent a large RV dealership at Junction City, Oregon and the other couples are RV owners who we have gotten to know over the years attending LoW:
LoW 09

There was a multi-media presentation tonight after the get-together on traveling by RV to Alaska. I didn't make it as I stayed to talk too long, then wanted to get these photos ready to post & the post made. I also made a run to Winco Foods, a store here I really like to shop in. I wish we had one in Mt. Vernon. It is now 00:30 so I must get this posted, then to bed. I want to be up in time to attend a double session tomorrow morning on digital photography that starts at 08:00. I'll get more photos & post them through the week. Good night for now.

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Dick, it looks like fun to me. I love to travel, though I don't get to do much of it. Several of my family are over the road truckers, and I really like to ride in a semi. I like the lifestyle, though it's not for everyone. I think I'd really like RV-ing, too.

Great photos, and I especially like the one of Huggy on the RV step. She looks like she really likes to be out on her leash, exploring. I know she's great company for you as you travel. :-)

Have a good time, and more posts and photos as you get time to post them, please. :-)
Looks like a blast! Huggy's a cutie, too.
Keep on keepin' on my friend.
Thanks for the update Dick. Looks likes a very enjoyable time. First time I have seen a close-up photo of Huggy. Very handsome cat.

I continue to contemplate an Alaskan cruise but can only imagine how nice an RV venture would be - in the summertime of course. :)
Sounds like a lotta fun Dick! Enjoy the digital photography session... I could sure use that! LOL
I really enjoyed this post very much , your rv'ing looks like a social event of the year , I did not know that it was a big a thing as what is shown here , , looks like you are having a blast , thanks for letting us tag along it is interesting to someone who has never been on this type trip!
I must admit the pics are great but the best of the best of course is HUGGY , she is so beautiful and yes you can tell she is a BLUE ... My romeo looked just like her but now I see that she is not as black ,he was Burmese pure black and very vocal , does HUGGY meow alot? anyway hope your having a thrilling time take care driving or parking haha
Wonderful post Dick. Looks like quite a time. I especially enjoyed the photos of Huggy. I am hoping to be able to RV when our kids get older.
My goodness, what a lot of RVs in one place. It must have been so much fun to catch up with all the people you know.
And, I love the photos of Huggy ... she looks so happy. It is great that she is a travelling cat ... mine would scoot away, and I'd never see her again.
Thanks Dick, for showing me a lifestyle I had no idea about. It looks wonderful.
Take care, Meow
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