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Pat & I have gotten most of our wedding invitations mailed and are starting to get RSVPs back on who will be coming. Our original plan was to just go get married. Then it started to grow. Now it looks like this is going to be a pretty large affair. We are hoping for good weather on April 28th so we can use the gazebo outside but if it rains (we DO live in the northwest!) we will move into the clubhouse.

Huggy has been to Pat's house once and it went pretty well. We need to do it more often and try to get the three cats (Huggy, Molly and Peewee) to the point that we can let them get together. That will be the real test. When we tried it I first tried walking Huggy in on her leash and both she and Peewee had a hissy fit when they met. So she went into her pet taxi & was carried into a bedroom to be let out. Pat's two seemed very interested in the door to the room from the outside while Huggy stayed close to it on the inside, so I kind of think they knew they were all there close.

We have been meeting a lot of each other's friends. Today D & J came up from Vashon Island to visit and meet Pat. Last weekend we went to Auburn to pickup my grand daughter, K, and bring her up to spend a few days with us during her mid-winter break from 4th grade. While in Auburn we visited Pat's friends, L & MM who I got to meet. Next Monday my brother, L, will be over from Spokane for a short visit.

I am slowly getting things out of my house. Today J took some of Annie's favorite clothes, things I had wanted her to have as I wanted them to be with someone we know. Annie was a pretty small person and so is J so most of her clothes will fit. Many of the others have already gone to Goodwill. I've been working in the hobby room this past week. It seems to go slowly but I can see some progress. Lots more to go, though.

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Not long to go now before the wedding, is there? The time will pass before you know it, Dick. So will the work you're doing to clean up and pack up your household stuff.

Don't worry about Huggy and Pat's cats getting acquainted. They'll establish who's boss and be getting along fine in no time. They tend to have more sense about merging families than the people do, for the most part.

Hope you and Pat have a wonderful Sunday, Dick. :-)
I have read that it's a good idea to introduce cats to one another through a closed door, just like you did.

I can't believe it's going so fast for you. How exciting.
Hi Dick, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog(seasonsadventures). I know you and Pat will find a wonderful life together. I was a widow for 26 years before I found my JW and it was truly worth the wait...I have a fabulous life with a wonderful caring man. Enjoy every minute of you life with Pat. And please stop by my blog when you can..I will check in on yours too. Hostagirl

Good work on the cleaning. I'm glad that you're getting into it more. I know that it's tough, but it's healthy and theraputic, too. I'm horribly sick and stayed home from work today. Big bummer. Much love.
Even with an exciting and happy life ahead of you I know it's still got to be difficult cleaning out your home. It's all so bittersweet I'll bet. Good luck with the kitties Dick, and hang onto your shorts in the whirlwind of busy-ness cuz it won't be long now and Pat will be your Mrs.! Yay! :-)

God bless!
Hi Dick, Just popped in for update and pleased to hear your wedding plans comming along nicely.
And Iknow its not easy job going through and parting with Annie's personal things. I found it very hard to part with my Als things, but I think its part of the healing process and moving into a new phase in your life. Take care stay safe (((hugs))) to You and Pat.
Hi Dick
Dont worry the kitties will have to tolerate each other at least, I have had different kitties that would snarl and hiss and spit the whole time living together but there was never any harm , just different personalities!!!!!!!! they will survive , and sounds like you are having a busy time , good luck with everything , and hope you contiue to blog , Question LOL
who is going to take your pics for your wedding if you are going to be in them HAHA , you take such nice photos , !!
Have a great wedding and enjoy every second
take care Mr and Mrs Mocha!!! and Hugs for Huggy , Peewee and Molly LOL
Hi Dick,
things are coming right along. I am so happy for you. SOunds like lots of work . Not just planning a wedding but all your house clearing. I was delighted to hear about Huggy. He will settle in just fine.
I bet the wedding will be so much fun. Having a big fun party to celebrate with all your friends and family is what its all about.

Combining two fully-equipped households is a tough thing. We were still sorting through duplicates and extra stuff and boxes two years into our household combining. But I guess that's one of those nice problems.
Sounds like you are making good progress. Good luck with the cat situation. Animals can be quite finicky. My dachshund hates other dogs. He can be quite mean.
Sounds like everything is going along nicely. Are you excited ?? I can imagine that you are. I guess it must be very strange, though, clearing out your house, and going through Annie's things. Don't worry too much about Huggy ... he and the other kitties will have to learn to adjust, or else just keep their distance from each other ... they'll work it out.
Take care, and have a wonderful weekend ... Meow
It will be hardest on Huggy to the adjust given she's changing homes and has two cats to adjust to but she should be okay with it as long as she knows you love her and are there for her. And now she has Pat too; so a woman again to love her.
Wow, changes are a happenin'. And that's a good thing. I am so happy for you. I swear, I feel like I know you. ;)

Good luck with kitties. I know Huggy is so important to you!
April 28th is sneaking up on us really fast!! I have a 10x10 canopy if you need to borrow one.
Just wanted to stop by and check on you, Dick. Man, things are going great for you. I am so happy. Pat's one lucky woman, but you already know that. ;o)
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