Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Huggy has moved to our new house

I hadn't tried to make the permanent move of Huggy to our new house (Pat's house) yet as I was spending quite a bit of each day down at the old house sorting & packing and I felt she would be alone more here than if I left her there. But yesterday son M & I moved most of the things out of that house and took them to an auction house to be disposed of. I then decided that Huggy would be pretty upset at being alone there so about 20:00 hours I moved her.

Molly & Peewee don't seem too upset about it although they are a bit confused. Huggy spent last night under the bed and hissed & growled whenever she saw either of the other two cats and sometimes did it just for general purposes. This morning about 5 she came up on the bed & woke us up. With the continuous meowing & hissy fit she was having there was no possibility of our going back to sleep.

A bit later in the morning she came out into the other part of the house to wander around, again with the same result whenever she saw either of the other two. This afternoon I got her to eat some of her regular food, which she immediately threw up. Later she did keep some of her special canned soft food down and she is drinking water.

For the last hour & a half I have been in the computer room working with my PC and she came in here on her own. She has let me hold her in here and laid for quite awhile at Pat's feet while she was using her PC, until Molly came in. Then the hissing & growling started again. She is now by my feet, keeping a constant lookout on the door into the room and growling every few minutes.

She has been just over 24 hours in our new home. I think she is doing better, at least she is being a bit more like her old self at times, until either Molly or Peewee comes into view. I don't know what she will do tonight overnight but I am sure it will be interesting. More on this saga soon.


24 Hours without any physical contact, biting or bloodshed is a good sign, Dick. Huggy will settle down soon, I'm sure. She may never be best buddies with Molly and PeeWee, but then again she may surprise you.

One predictable thing about cats is that they are ever unpredictable.

I expect in a few days everything will settle into a new normalcy for Huggy in her new home.

Love and hugs,

Diane :-)
They will adjust but it's definitely harder on her as she doesn't have a cat buddy and she had you all to herself for a long time. Pat's home is the territory of her two and Huggy has to come into that. I feel for her. If you had both moved, the cats would have been on more equal footing. It's so hard with cats because we can't really explain it to them. I have adjusted new cats several times and eventually they do work out their problems with Pat and your love. Good luck with it for all your sakes
Aha! Interesting drama... =) You'll have to keep us posted on this, dad!
Poor Huggy, I sure hope it gets better for her soon.
If you can adjust Huggy into your life as easily as Pat then I think there is hope for your life long pet.

I wish Huggy the best of luck. It must be so hard for her to have to adjust to two other felines - in addtion - to a new home that isn't hers[but theirs and Pat's], and that home belongs to the bully cats.

You have your work cut out for you. I hope you don't give up on Huggy. Take care.

We have pets too and understand the choices one must make...but seems Huggy needs a bit more consideration.

Hugs to you.
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