Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I had to change my email address

A couple of months ago Pat & I checked with Verizon, the supplier for both of our DSL accounts, to see what we had to do to keep my email address when I moved to her house. At that time we knew we would close out my DSL account with them but wanted the same email address for me, just moving it to her account. We were told it would be easy when the time came.

The time came today but it turns out they can not do it. It seems crazy. We can have up to 9 email addresses per account so I could create a new one. But they can't move the old one over. The old one has been closed now or at least I was unable to log onto it to get any mail this afternoon. We created another one for me but everyone who has used it will have to change my address in their books. Unless you used the one that was at the Escapees RV club and ended in I have changed the pointer for it and mail sent there will come to my new address.

If you were using my address, you will need to add the number 1 just before the @ sign. Isn't that dumb?

Our three cats are getting along better. They still tend to hiss at each other when one enters the room where another is but then they will settle down, both in the same room, and sleep or whatever. It looks like they might actually get to where they will just exist together. But I sometimes wonder if they just like the feeling in their throats of hissing.

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Just a test from me to see if my email address change got setup okay.
Now that was insightful, "But I sometimes wonder if they just like the feeling in their throats of hissing."

I have three cats, one of whom has been hissing at the other two for 7 years.
Seems silly, the email address thingy ... who can figure out why companies do things the way they do !!
Glad the cats are starting to tolerate each other !!
Take care, Meow
Hi Dick, I agree with Meow on your Email Address Seems silly you are not allowed to retain your old email addy.and im pleased the cats are all starting to get on together.

I still have Fuchsias flowering and winter is the time we cut them back into shape so will cut back the ones that have finished flowering and leave the others while still in flower,
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