Saturday, July 21, 2007


Back to the Hot Rod Cafe

Yesterday (Friday) when we woke up it was only 63 degrees inside the RV. That felt cool until we got up & moving during which time it went up a bit. Breakfast in the rig, then I took Huggy for a walk on her leash. Walking a cat is not like walking a dog. You sort of follow her along and try to steer her to where you hope she will go. She enjoyed the outing.

I had sent out an email request to friends who are gathering here in town for our annual (since last year) old friends get together asking for phone numbers. G had sent a nice list of them but it is at home on my desktop PC & I forgot to print it before we left. I got two answers back in a few minutes and called G to find out what was up for the day.

After that we got in the Saturn (towed car) and drove into Spokane to a real estate office where my selling agent had faxed some paperwork for me to sign & fax back. While driving there we spotted a Chili's Restaurant at the Northtown shopping center which looked like a good place to meet for lunch. We called D, G & my brother L to suggest the place as we left the real estate office and they came to meet us there for lunch.

Pat had found some shoes that she just loves at Macy's at home but they only had one pair & style. She bought them but we walked by a much larger Macy's going into the mall so we stopped to check. They have a large, separate shoe store & they not only had this brand of shoes in many styles but they were on sale! We bought a pair.

We went next to Hastings Book Store at Lincoln Heights for mochas in their Hardback Cafe and of course bought some books. That trip took a lot longer than it does to talk about it. We dropped my brother off at his house, then stopped to pick up D at his sister's house. D & I started Kindergarten together so I've known him a long time. From there we drove to Post Falls, Idaho and the Hot Rod Cafe. When we originally left the rig I didn't realize that we would be gone all day & I didn't have my camera along, so for photos you will have to go to the archives for July of last year. If you haven't been there or saw my photos last year, do go take a look. It is a very unique place.

We dropped two off on our way home & didn't get home until about 21:30. It wasn't long before time for some sleep. This morning we are going to breakfast, just the two of us, then we will be off again with these friends. This time I will take the camera along!

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Please take a picture of Huggy on the leash. Even the thought of it males me smile.
I used to try to take my cat for walks on her leash but it invariably ended up being a "drag" rather than a "walk". ;D

I remember the pictures from your last visit to the Hot Rod Cafe. I hope the food is as good as the atmosphere. :-)

Y'all have a good time, Dick.

Love and hugs,

I have had my cat on a leash and walked him in the past---everyone looks as if what is that ---a cat on a leash.

Sounds like ya'll are having a good time and a safe time.
I'm glad Huggy enjoys walking on a leash. My kitty won't do it ... she just sits and tries to rip off the harness !! She happily wears a collar, but when anything is attached, she is not a happy kitty.
Sounds like a great trip, hope the RV is living up to your expectations.
Take care, Meow
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