Friday, July 20, 2007


On the road again....

We left home as planned last Tuesday on our first real RV trip, after Pat finished her volunteer shift at the Day Surgery unit in the hospital. We got through the heavy population areas with only two slow downs, at Everett and Bellevue, hitting I-90 just before 15:00. East over Snoqualmie Pass to E & J RV Resort in Ellensburg, WA. This is an RV park connected with Days Inn there and is next door to the Flying J Truck Stop. We walked over to the Saks restaurant at Flying J for dinner. Cable TV was available but we couldn't get a channel that had our baseball game on (the Seattle Mariners.) We did have a good Internet connection over the Verizon Wireless connection.

Up for breakfast at the Days Inn free breakfast that is included with your overnight fee. We got away before 10, stopped for lunch at Templins at Sprague and pulled into Ponderosa Falls RV Resort about 10 miles west of Spokane before 14:00. This is a park within the K/M system that we are members of so we can stay for two weeks with no additional fee, beyond our $280/year dues. Then we would have to be out of the park for a week before we could check back in for another two weeks. Of course we won't be here quite two weeks so it is not a concern. The freeway exit from I-90 to get here is exit #272 in Washington State.

I got us hooked up but cannot find my telephone cord to hook up to the hot phone system. It may turn up when I go digging in the big storage compartment but it isn't as important as it used to be since we both have cell phones and do not need a phone modem connection with the laptop to connect to the Internet. We do have a new water leak, though. There is a steady leak that appears to be coming from some of the water connections at the top of the water pump. This is while connected to city water- I don't know if it will leak when we are not on a water system but are using the pump and water from our own tank.

This is another thing we will need to get fixed by the RV dealer where we bought the rig. I have always heard that there are a lot of little things that have to be fixed when you buy a new rig and we are finding that is true. If you buy a used one someone else has already done all those things. We also still have a little water leaking from the shower and I think it is from the inner door that doesn't have caulking at the ends of the base rail. But it does close now. It is also on the list.

Huggy is doing pretty well but is having to learn her way around this new rig, just as I am. Her kitty litter is in a different location and she doesn't have a basket on the dashboard while we are on the road. We made a stop yesterday at Walmart for some inexpensive towels to cover some of the chairs & let her be on them. We also got her a nice cat bed that came with catnip to rub into it & she does seem to like it.

I think we are going back to the Hot Rod Cafe at Post Falls, Idaho for dinner tonight. There are some photos here on my blog in the archives from July, 2006 when I was there last but Pat hasn't been there. I keep suggesting that we go to Silverwood, the big amusement park north of Cour de Alene and ride the three roller coasters, but Pat says "NO!" The one they call Tremors actually goes through the gift shop and is quite a ride.

So far the weather here has been cooler than normal for this time of the year. Yesterday's high was only 77F and today is supposed to be below 80. Mid to upper 80s are scheduled for the next week and that is fine with us. Pat doesn't like hot weather and considers anything over about 75 to be hot. It did rain quite a bit Wednesday night but I think there is no more expected while we will be here. What did come helped to clean my car which was pretty dirty after being towed 330 miles from home. But I am still looking for a car wash!

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This last week the fridge in my Dad's RV quit because it was TOO HOT to run properly on the electric current. It runs ok on propane, but there are some bugsy wiring issues and some sort of fan he has to fix.

He had a terrible time getting someone to give him some answers to why the fridge quit. Everyone that might know was backed up with work and those that that didn't know told him he'd have to replace the fridge to the tune of $1500.

Now my Dad is a pretty handy guy. Once he got a person on the phone to explain how an RV fridge worked, differently from a regular fridge, he worked it out on his own.

Now my Dad wants to get hooked up to the internet because he probably could have looked the info up in two seconds rather than have a week long run around.
It sounds like y'all are having fun, Dick. I love to travel and I think I'd really like the RV life.

Y'all have a good time, and safe journey. ;-)

Love and hugs,

Glad to hear things are going well on this trip. Hope the remainder of the trip continues to go so well for you.
Just be safe and enjoy this time as you make special memories.
I would love to ride that roller coaster!
I think it's really cute that you take Huggy with you.
I'm just like Pat, anything over 75 or so and I'm at boiling point and get heat exhaustion.

Glad to hear you're both enjoying the RV life!
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