Sunday, January 20, 2008


News Flash!

Pat and I will be leaving next month with the motorhome to spend about three weeks in sunny Arizona! It will be a mini-Snowbird trip and one that I am really looking forward to. Huggy will stay home with Molly and Peewee. Pat's daughter C will take care of them daily as well as gathering in our mail. We are looking at leaving about Sunday Feb. 3rd and as I said will be away about three weeks, going as far as Tucson.

In preparation for that trip I bought a Xantrex 400 watt inverter that will be installed in the RV this next Wed. It is smaller than the 2000 watt unit I had in the Sea Breeze but this one has a pure sine wave output that will safely power sensitive electronics while the other one was a modified sine wave. We will hook it up to run the entertainment center with an extra outlet to hook up laptop computers, cell phone & camera batteries to charge, etc. It should work fine for our needs. This RV has only 220 amp hours of battery power VS 440 in the Sea Breeze (two big 6v AGM golf cart batteries instead of four of them.) So, if we are dry camping someplace and want to run the microwave we will have to start the generator. Not a big problem.

RV inverter 01
This is a photo of the inverter and the remote on/off switch that goes with it.

Our sunroom construction hit a snag. The afternoon that I posted the last post the contractor said we were going to have to pay for a lot of things that were supposed to have been covered in the fee we were paying him, per our agreement with the salesman. The contractor packed up his tools and headed home, since I wouldn't give him any money until the issue was resolved. The next week the salesman told him what was to be covered but by then he was at work on another room in the Portland, OR area. He called me and said he will be back tomorrow to get going again and since it is supposed to be finished within two weeks, it should be by the time we head south. So, I have no other photos to post yet of it's construction. Maybe by Tuesday. Maybe.....

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That sucks about the sunroom issue, I'm sure you'll be so happy when it's finally done!

Great news about your Snowbird trip next month! I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it Dick.
POOR Huggy!! gonna miss the trip!!! tsk, tsk!
The sunroom thing is turning into the never ending story, isn't it? I hope you don't end up having to sic the lawyer on them again to get them to honor their contract.

Hope you and Pat have a great time on your trip. Should be a nice drive if the snow doesn't get you in the mountains.

Have a great week, Dick! ;o)

Love and hugs,

sounds like a frustrating experience with the sunroom but good you held firm with what you knew you had arranged.

I might be in Tucson in February. If you and Pat want to get together, email me and let me know and I'll give you my number down there. Do you know that the Tucson gem and mineral show is until the 17th. If you have never seen that, it's definitely worth your time.
We hope you enjoy your mini-snowbird trip!

Are you absolutely STUCK with this particular contractor? Is there a state contractor's board you can look to for help? At best, the Better Business Bureau should hear about the seller and associated headaches. Hope it all unfolds harmoniously and proves to be worth the wait.
Safe travels, L 'n D
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