Tuesday, October 06, 2009


800+ miles on the Prius so far

I thought I'd report back on how the Prius is doing for us so far. We have over 800 miles on it at this point and our average mileage for that distance is right about 51 miles per gallon. I've filled the gas tank and will soon do it again, but it wasn't real low when I filled it. The tank was full when we got the car and I've read that you do not want to let it run out so, not knowing how accurate the gas gauge is, I filled it at only about 3/8 of a tank indicated. Most of our current mileage has been here around town with a couple of short freeway trips of 20 - 25 miles each direction. But, next week we will be driving to Spokane, about 320 miles away, so that will be a good road trip to see how it does on the highway.

So far the only negative we have found is that every time Pat gets out of it, either from the driver or passenger seat, she seems to build up a static charge and gets a spark that is very noticeable when she pushes the door closed. I keep telling her that it just indicates that she is a very electrifying woman but somehow I don't think she appreciates those little (or maybe not so little, according to her) jolts. We did add a static strap that drags on the ground but it didn't seem to help very much if at all. She has a static spray that she sometimes uses on certain clothes like slips and she sprayed the passenger seat with it. That, combined with the static strap, did seem to help. Now we need to see how long it will last. I'll have to post this as a question on the Prius Chat forum that I belong to and see if anyone else has this problem and if so, how did they resolve it.

It does look like our fantastic summer weather is over. We have had some rain over the last couple of weeks and rather than temps in the upper 70s, most days have been in the upper 50s or 60s. Right now we are in a few days of sunshine and daily high temps in the mid-60s, which is sure something we can't complain about. I just kind of hate to see the summer end.

A Blogger friend asked after my last post if I was going to change the name of my blog, now that I don't have an RV anymore. That is something I've wondered about before as Huggy hasn't traveled with us in the RV since we bought this new one in March of 2007, so the name hasn't been totally accurate for two and a half years. I probably should change it, or maybe just stop posting. All of these blogs seem to eventually end and perhaps that time has come for mine. My original purpose for starting it was to keep my family and friends informed of where I was and what I was doing as Huggy and I traveled around the Western United States in the RV. That has all changed, totally. I'll ask those who still bother to check my rare posts what you all think. Should I end it now? Or maybe just rename it and continue with no real direction?

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Well I hope you continue blogging as you write about things like local plays or your trips which I enjoy reading. It's too bad about the RVing not working out but you can easily change the title at the top without changing your URL. My title is not the same as the URL. Life does have a way of changing and sounds like and Pat are working out ways that satisfy you both.
I hope you do continue blogging even if you change the name or whatever you decide to do about it. I don't really have a particular theme on mine as you know. I just ramble on about my life, family or whatever comes into my head.

RV-ing and camping isn't for everyone. I'd love to have an RV to use for camping but it's not likely to happen anytime soon, if at all.

Enjoy your Fall weather. Winter isn't all that far off now.

Love and hugs,

I check your blog every day and enjoy your great photos and all your news. I'll understand if you decide to give it up though, so you can just count me as supportive.

My vote is to keep on blogging Dick, just change what you want to regarding the name or leave it if you wish. The point is, you can blog about anything you like, and we'll enjoy reading here!
Being rather renowned, if not flat out infamous, for ending blogs, let me first and foremost advise you to not “END” or delete the blog. I have experience in this area so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

As to having no direction…. heck man, we’re retired. To hell with direction! Just write posts as the mood hits you. And you and I both being photographers extraordinaire know that from time to time there are going to be photos you want to share.

If names and titles are really that important, I can again relate. You could certainly start another blog if you so desired and name it whatever suits your fancy. Again however, keep the old one but put in a final post directing folks to your new one. You can always link to a post in your “retired blog” (RV Travels With Huggy) from your “new blog” (to be announced) if you want to remind your readers of a previous experience or story.

I think what weighs on a lot of blogger’s minds is some sense of obligation when they start a blog. Remember it’s “YOUR” blog and if you only want to post once a month or once a year what’s the problem. Well, there isn’t any. I visit several blogs who post very infrequently and will continue to do so because I relate to them and what they have to say – whenever they so choose to say it.

From one Geo owner to another…..hang in there!!
hi Dick,

It depends on if you still enjoy your blog? I sure enjoy checking in to see how life is treating you and what your up to. Life seems good for you and I hope you are truly happy. Some times I wish I hadn't ending blogging for what that's worth. My thoughts are keep on keeping on, you are a great writer and your photography is awesome.
Your friend,
Carol G.

I say continue blogging! It's nice to be able to come on to your Internet world and see what's new or interesting in your mind. Blogging is a wonderful, individual self-expression and is a healthy way to extrapolate on life.

Alan G said it nicely above, "heck man," you're "retired! To hell with direction!" and continue to do what makes you happy.

Your son,
Keep it as is...
I vote for keeping the blog and changing the name. I still keep up with you and hope you will continue!
My Blog title does not match my URL either. ANd I just quit MAKING myself post, I post when I feel like I have something to say, and do it for ME not for anyone else. I do enjoy the people That read me, and I do enjoy coming here and to others I follow. (yep, you too Rain) Sometimes I stop by and dont have time to comment, and sometimes I do. Post when you want to Dick, don't leave us for good!
I started reading you way back when....maybe 3 years ago, shortly after I retired from teaching. It was before you and Pat were married and, although, I am not a faithful reader, I do check back on occasion. I know that you have ties in Spokane and it is one of our closer cities being an hour and half drive from here. We usually opt for Moscow (Id) just an hour away and much less hassle. I can remember a post a couple years ago where you attended an RV gathering there...my alma mater.
I, too, have wondered if you would be changing the name of your blog. I, personally, am not fond of changes, but they happen. What do you think you will do? To change or not to change, that is the question! Blessings from v in north Idaho
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