Sunday, January 31, 2010


Welcome (almost) to February!

This being the last day of January it seems appropriate to welcome the month of February. Welcome! In our area we have set a record for the warmest January on record and those records go back into the late 1800s, so this is a pretty long standing thing. Our weather guessers are saying they expect February to be warmer and dryer than January was, but it normally is so I'm not sure if it will be quite a bit better than usual or what. I have noticed more hours of daylight and that I like. It will also do well for our home heating bills, although I guess what is good for us here is not so good for others in different parts of the country. Last year we had a very cold, snowy winter while the East Coast was enjoying balmy weather. This year it seems to have flip-flopped. I don't know what next year will bring but I'll vote for another El Nino year like this one, although it didn't get started until about the end of November.

February is also a month with some important birthdays for our family. It starts out with Pat's younger brother on the 4th, then Pat's on the 22nd and my brother's on the 24th. Pat and T have a fun thing of trying to outdo each other with wacky birthday cards but Pat is a little behind since if she goes too far overboard it will catch up as T's BD is first and he has almost three weeks to find an appropriate card. The 22nd also used to be the birthday of George Washington, our country's first President. Pat told her school mates the reason they got a holiday on the 22nd was to celebrate her birthday. We also used to get Abraham Lincoln's birthday off on the 12th. I guess Congress decided it was too much to allow the People to have two holidays in one month. Or there was a lot of pressure from government employees who wanted three day weekends but thought they couldn't get two of them in a month, so they canceled both birthdays and we now just celebrate an office workers holiday on the 3rd Monday. We haven't canceled or moved Pat's birthday- it will still happen on the 22nd.

I've had a few questions about how Huggy is doing. She is fine although we are still having cat wars between our three cats. Huggy and Peewee, the youngest one, have almost made it a game. Molly is still the queen of the house and she tries to just ignore both of the others although they sometimes do get her involved. There are times when they will all three be in the same room and just quietly ignore each other. That is about the best we seem to be able to have happen.

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As you saw on my blog post, we're cold and icy as well as snowy right now. It'll take a while for this mess to melt even though it's supposed to finally get above freezing on Monday. Even at 32F today the sun was melting some of it, but very slowly, and it's back down to 23F already, so it's refrozen for the night.

As you know I prefer the cold weather, even if it comes with snow and ice occasionally. I could do without the ice, especially if it's bad enough to make the power go off.

Good to hear about Huggy. I wonder about her quite often.

Hope February is mild for you, Dick.

Love and hugs,

Our January was fairly mild too, most of it anyway. Gotta love El Nino!
where i live we had a pretty cold December but definitely a warmer January and no snow at all.

Nice on the cats. I think that's how many of them do-- tolerate at best. We have two males and they swat at each other once in awhile. The one will sometimes lick the younger but the younger will never reciprocate. No fair.
Whose birthday is FIRST?!? You forgetful father of mine...!

But nice to see a new post! Keep 'em coming!
Yup, Miguel is right, I forgot my daughter-in-law's birthday. She shares it with Ground Hog Day, on the 2nd. Happy 31st, J!
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