Tuesday, July 12, 2011


About Huggy

Getting close to Huggy
I took Huggy to her Vet a couple of weeks ago for shots and a routine exam. They again told me that she needs to have plaque removed from her teeth so I setup an appointment for today to have that done. They have to knock her out in order to do this so she wasn't allowed to have any food after 8pm last night. She is also going to have her claws trimmed while she is in a more docile mood.

I dropped her off there about 08:30 as they requested and she will probably stay overnight as they don't want her going home until she is fully over the anesthesia. She was ticked off with me this morning and probably will be really ticked off when I finally get to pick her up to come home. I think this will be the first time since she moved in with Annie & I in June, 1998 at the age of about 8 weeks that she has been away overnight. I know that she is "just" a cat but it seemed much like it would to drop off one of my kids when I left her there. I hope she will be okay.

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I hope so too and it does worry a person but I've had it done and it's been okay. They are not just cats, not to us who love them
What a pretty cat! I know you'll be glad to get her back tomorrow.
Awww, poor Huggy. You're a good dad to worry about her. Nice photo.
Dick there is no such thing as "just a pet", they ARE like our kids and so very important to us. I hope she will forgive you quickly once she sees you again. :-)
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