Thursday, July 14, 2011


Huggy is home and fine

Huggy came home from the Vet's yesterday and is doing fine. She is a little overweight but I don't know how to put her on a diet, what with the two other cats who live here with her not being on diets. She is up to 16 pounds, from 15 1/2 two years ago. I also have to give her a dose of liquid antibiotic twice a day for six days. She got the first of it this morning and it isn't too bad to do, although not fun. Her doc says her teeth are in good shape. Nice to have my little buddy back in the house with us, but I am not sure how happy Peewee and Molly (our other two cats) are about having her back!


Aww poor lil' thing, it's hard when our fuzzy babies aren't 100% well! Good luck with the diet for her Dick!
I trim my cat's claws with a toe clipper. They don't seem any worse for wear.

Chumlee, my new BIG kitty loves all things food and eventually he will explode, I know it.
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